We teach English, Maths and Science to children.

Each session is 1 hour and 15 mins long and consists of a format of review from previous learning, teaching of new concepts/ideas, applications to assessment style questions and end with further review.

There are no more than 5 students in each group. each group is carefully placed into appropriate group so that they can flourish at a rate which best suits their needs. Groups consist of the students of the same years group.

Homework is set each week for each of the subjects a child is studying with us. The homework is carefully selected and designed to help students to consolidate the learning which has taken place in our classrooms. The homework is then reviewed at the start of the next lesson.

We carry out an extensive baseline assessment before any student joins a class. This is so that the teacher can assess initial strengths and areas for improvement. This information is then used to plan for progression. Students are also assessed either at the end of every topic (KS3 and 4) or every half term (KS2).

Yes, we do. We schedule a face-to-face parents evening for each child, every term, to provide formal updates on progression.

This format has changed slightly due to the recent pandemic and instead we have switched to telephone consultations which are arranged with parents at a suitable time. We also provide termly written reports so that parents can keep a track of their child’s progression pathway.

We are open 48 weeks of the 52 all year round. This is so that we can ensure all students have a continuum of progression despite closure of schools.

The health and safety of our teachers and students is of paramount importance. For this reason, we have implemented the following measures, based on our comprehensive risk assessment, in accordance to guidelines:

  • All teachers and learners are subject to a temperature check before entry into the building
  • The Centre is not allowing visitors into the building except by prior arrangement
  • Entry into and exit out of the building is controlled with group (bubble) entering at a time
  • Transitions between lessons takes place via specially designated waiting rooms to ensure zero contact between bubbles
  • We are operating a strict 1m+ social distancing policy at all times
  • Individual tables for each learner
  • Instalments of hand sanitisation stations across the Centre

Yes we do. We form a very close relationship with all parents so that we can involve them in their child’s learning journey as closely as possible. This means we are available for a chat on just about anything education related. This could include advice on school, post-16 or GCSE subject selections (and much more).